Veteran Services

These programs have been put in place to help our heroes, America’s veterans.

Veterans Outreach Center

The scars of war are deep, life-altering and slow to heal. Veterans Outreach Center proactively seeks out veterans in need who continue to suffer in silence-battling personal wars that can be won, with our help. VOC’s collaborative approach to treatment cares for the whole person. Veterans receive the breadth of services needed to regain their mental, physical and economic health; reconnect with themselves and society; and resume productive lives.

At Veterans Outreach Center, we help veterans of all eras, including World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, those who served during peacetime, and Guard and Reserve military personnel. We stand ready to assist current troops returning to the home front. We believe the healing process for all veterans involves the efforts of family, friends and community to actively participate in the reintegration process.

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Mission Statement

To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans.


To provide veterans the world-class benefits and services they have earned – and to do so by adhering to the highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence, professionalism, integrity, accountability, and stewardship.

Core Values

Compassion: We will treat all veterans and their families with the utmost dignity and compassion. We will provide services in a caring manner, with a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.
Commitment: Veterans have earned our gratitude and respect. Their health care, benefits, and memorial service needs to drive our actions.
Excellence: We strive to exceed the expectations of veterans and their families.We strive to perform at the highest level of competence and take pride in our accomplishments.
Professionalism: Our success depends on maintaining a highly-skilled, diverse, and compassionate workforce. We foster a culture that values equal opportunity, innovation, and accountability.
Integrity: We recognize the importance of accurate information. We practice open, truthful, and timely communication with veterans, employees, and external stakeholders. By carefully listening and responding to their concerns, we seek continuous improvement in our programs and services.
Accountability: We will perform in a manner at all times that makes us accountable, responsible, and answerable to veterans and their families, our leaders and other employees as well as external stakeholders.
Stewardship: We will ensure responsible stewardship of the human, financial, and natural resources as well as data and information entrusted to us. We will improve performance through the use of innovative technologies, evidence-based medical practices, and sound business principles.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Our Mission

IAVA’s mission is to improve the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families.

The Need

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are in their eighth and ninth years respectively. Over two million American troops have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and thousands have been deployed multiple times. IAVA addresses critical issues facing new veterans and their families, including mental health injuries, a stretched VA system, inadequate health care for female veterans, and GI Bill educational benefits. IAVA also provides valuable resources and empowers veterans to connect with one another, fostering a strong and lasting community.


IAVA was founded in 2004 by current Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff and his fellow Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. After returning home from their tours, these veterans came together after quickly becoming concerned with the way the war in Iraq was being portrayed in the media and the overall plight of newly returned veterans. There were many policy experts and talking heads on TV, but very few people who had actually served on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan. There was no one talking about what our wounded friends needed and the issues they faced. The creation of IAVA allowed thousands of veterans to join the national dialogue, and to explain what was really happening on the ground overseas and back home in the US.

Building Homes for Heroes

Our Mission

Building Homes for Heroes® is a national non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2006. The organization is strongly committed to supporting the brave men and women of the military who have returned home from the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan with severe wounds and disabilities, with a goal to build homes for families in dire need. It’s our honor to support the men and women who have loyally and courageously served our country.

About Building Homes for Heroes

Since 2006, Building Homes for Heroes® has been at the forefront of making a significant difference in the lives of the severely wounded men and women of the military forces of the United States. The organization builds homes from the ground up or modifies existing homes to meet the needs of the brave men and women who selflessly served our country. These mortgage-free homes not only help to remove the family’s financial burden, they help to restore the individual’s freedom, and enable the veteran to lead a more independent and productive civilian life.

A strong focus on organizational efficiency has been the key to Building Homes for Heroes® meeting its goals and objectives. We operated with just eight employees in 2013, and neither the president nor our board members are compensated. Building Homes for Heroes® strives to keep overhead costs down and has been very successful in achieving this goal. With growing support from contractors, corporations, volunteers, and supporters, Building Homes for Heroes® attained a program service percentage of 93% in 2012. A similar figure is expected in 2013. This figure measures the percentage of our expenditures that went directly toward program-related activities.

Building Homes for Heroes® encourages the wounded veterans we have assisted, or are currently assisting, to travel to our events and take part in other organizational endeavors to support other men and women who have been severely injured. We believe this enables our recipients to build camaraderie with other wounded veterans who may later become recipients, but also to take another step toward being defined by their accomplishments and activities, and not their injuries or disabilities.

After gifting 17 mortgage-free homes in 2013, Building Homes for Heroes intends to carry out the building or modifying of 25-30 homes in 2014, and each year thereafter, all for veterans who were wounded, some severely, while serving in the armed forces during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.