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Alex Lieb

Access Capital Mortgage
A Division of Presidential Bank, FSB
NMLS #790488
4600 East West Highway
Suite 400
Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: 301-233-0125

Email: alieb@accesscap.com


I never got my chance to make it to active duty after basic training in the USAF where I was honorably discharged after 2 months in Law Enforcement school due to reinjuring my back. I don’t consider myself a veteran but, all of my friends and family who are veterans, support me and say that I am. I am humbled by this.

I look then to my family. My sister was in the Navy, her father, a Green Beret, was KIA in Cambodia, and my father was in the Black Watch in Europe. Now, my daughter is engaged to a Marine. I have friends who are Purple Heart recipients and I just feel like I missed out so I’m trying to give back by volunteering and being active in DAV, the American Legion and other organizations like Wounded Paw Project, USASOA, and Luke’s Wings that work on behalf of our veterans. I want to give back and this seems like a great path to add to what I’m already involved in. All of this, together, is a great investment in our country.