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Willette Davis

Excel Real Estate
3600 Forest Drive
Suite 201
Columbia, SC 29204

Phone: 803-665-5570

Email: willettesellscolumbiasc@gmail.com


As a past medical professional and having a child in the Navy, and a brother law enforcement.  I understand the dedication, commitment and unselfish sacrifice to help others.  I also realize that law enforcement, EMT’s and Firefighters put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve others, most time they are helping people that they do not know.  Their jobs are some of the most dangerous. Teachers are in this group as they get up every day and go to school to teach, mold and shape children.  The job that they do everyday affect children now and later in life. They are planting seeds for our future leaders of tomorrow.  With much thought on ways that I could give back, I decided that this would be one of the best ways for me to "pay it forward". I could serve those that serve others all day every day.  They give so much of themselves to others without even thinking about it.  Therefore, I couldn’t think of a better way than to use something that I am already passionate about, helping people live the American Dream of homeownership.  This program allows me to give them something back and show my appreciation for the work that they do every day!