Heroes Home Advantage


Homes for Healthcare Workers

Homes For Healthcare Workers Program

Healthcare Worker Discounts On Mortgages There are healthcare worker discounts on mortgages through Heroes Home Advantage. Heroes Home Advantage is a mortgage program that offers discounts, credits, and rebates to our American Heroes. American Heroes include people who serve in the following industries: law enforcement, military, fire response, emergency response, education, and healthcare. Healthcare workers …

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Law enforcement home loan

Law Enforcement Home Loan

Discounts on Law Enforcement Home Loans The law enforcement home-buying program is a broad term for multiple loan types that offer discounts, grants or credits to law enforcement officers. The professions that qualify as law enforcement are police officers, prison guards, state troopers, county sheriffs, border patrol officers, and retired law enforcement officers. Depending on …

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Military discount on home

Military discount on home

What Is A Military Discount On Homes? Military discounts on homes are benefits and savings that U.S. Armed Forces service members enjoy when purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home in the United States.  Military service members include active military or military on active-duty status, veterans, disabled veterans due to service-connected disabilities, military family members whose …

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Home Loans for Nurses

Home loan for nurse

The Home Loans For Nurses Program with Heroes Homes Advantage Home loans for nurses program is a generic term for home loans that are specific to nurses.  There are many different names or titles for these programs depending on the city and state.  With these programs, there can be certain grants, closing costs credits, and/or …

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