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Teacher home buying program

Teacher home buying program

What Is The Teacher Home Buying Program?

The teacher home buying program is a general term for home loans that are specialized for school teachers. Teachers can get discounts, grants, or credits when purchasing, selling, or financing a home. These home buying programs for teachers are ways of giving back to these heroes who serve our country and community. Teachers can benefit from teacher home-buying programs through closing rebates, fee discounts, grants, and down payment assistance. One of the home buying programs for teachers is the Heroes Home Advantage program.

Teacher Home Program

Teacher home programs are available for teachers who are planning to purchase their homes. Many teachers have saved thousands of dollars through teacher home programs like Heroes Home Advantage. Heroes Home Advantage is a program created to help American heroes, such as teachers, military service members, law enforcement officers, healthcare professionals, and firefighters.

Discount Home Loans For Teachers

Discount home loans for teachers are provided by teacher home buying programs like Heroes Home Advantage. Heroes Home Advantage gives assistance to teachers and other American heroes whenever they buy, sell, or refinance a home. The assistance given to teachers is provided by a network of real estate agents, lenders, attorneys, home inspectors, title companies, and more who are partnered with Heroes Home Advantage. Heroes Home Advantage, through its partners, has helped over 8,000 American heroes with accumulated savings of more than $25,000,000.00.


Are Teacher Home-Buying Programs Worth It?

Yes, teacher home buying programs like Heroes Home Advantage are worth it because teachers can enjoy huge savings in terms of closing cost assistance, lender fees, attorney fees, inspection fees, remodeling services fees, and furnace or AC cleaning fees. These huge discounts allow teachers to save around $750 per $100,000 of the purchase or sale price.

Heroes of Home Advantage assists teachers in achieving their mortgage goals through a network of professionals like realtors, lending institutions, and other network members within the area. Teachers are guaranteed to receive help from the start of the loan application to finish with all their home buying needs through the Heroes Home Advantage.  The savings can be as much as $5000 or more depending on the purchase price!

Are There Grants And Home Loans For Teachers?

Yes, there are grants and home loans for teachers offered by teacher home loan programs such as Heroes Home Advantage. Heroes Home Advantage provides discounts on closing costs from the partners located in your area. Closing cost discounts ranging from $750 to $5000 or more and be used by teachers as a credit at closing or a rebate after closing. This is made possible because the Heroes Home Advantage real estate agent partners give 30% of their commission to the program.

Heroes Home Advantage also offers discounts on lender fees. Teachers can save up to $500 worth of lender fee credit. Lender fees typically include application fees, appraisal fees, and insurance and account for 2% to 6% of the purchase price. Mortgage lenders can give discounts through lender credits or appraisal fee waiver with Heroes Home Advantage.

Heroes Home Advantage provides additional discounts on attorney fees. Attorney fees amount to up to $1500, depending on the price of the house. Teachers can get up to $250 in attorney fee credits through the Heroes Home Advantage program.

Heroes Home Advantage also gives more discounts on engineer and chimney inspection fees. Engineer inspection fees cost around $300 to $1000, while chimney inspection fees are around $200 to $500. Teachers can get $25 or more off on engineer inspection fees and $40 or more off on chimney inspection fees through the Heroes Home Advantage program when there is a partner in your area.

Heroes Home Advantage grants a bonus discount on the furnace or AC cleaning fees. Furnace cleaning fees with furnace inspection cost around $100 to $300, while AC cleaning fees range from $70 to $90. Teachers can save $10 or more on the furnace or AC cleaning fees through the Heroes Home Advantage program.

Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program

The Teachers’ mortgage assistance programs are specialized teacher home loan programs. There are several teacher mortgage assistance programs in the United States, but the most generous program is the Heroes Home Advantage. Heroes Home Advantage gives discounts of up to $750 for every $100K of the home’s purchase or sale price to our American heroes.

Many professionals at Heroes Home Advantage are retired military officers, law enforcement officers, healthcare personnel, firefighters, and teachers. They know how big it is for our American heroes to get discounts when buying or selling a home. That is why Heroes Home Advantage’s network of professionals is passionate about giving back not only their own earnings but also their time and effort.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for the teacher home buying programs are dependent on the state of residence and type of loan. The most common eligibility requirement is the homebuyer or first-time home buyer (those who haven’t had ownership of a primary residence in the last three years). Other eligibility requirements are based on location and income limits. Location, credit score and income limits are common eligibility requirements for conventional mortgage loans, VA loans, FHA loans, USDA loans and down payment assistance programs.

Heroes Home Advantage is eligible for all school teachers, military personnel (active duty military, veteran, retired, reservist, national guard), law enforcement officers (police officer, prison guard, state trooper, county sheriff, border patrol, retired), firefighters (active, retired, volunteer), and health care professionals (doctor, nurse, technician, EMT, home health aide, ambulance dispatcher, first responder)

Eligible Properties

There are no requirements for eligible properties for the teacher home-buying programs. Teacher mortgage programs like Heroes Home Advantage have a network of professionals, such as real estate professionals, loan officers, attorneys, home inspectors, and title companies all over the country. Teachers can utilize any of these partners to receive rebates and credits when buying or selling a home in the market.

Rebates and credits are not fixed and may change based on the local and state guidelines. Other factors, like new construction homes, for sale by owners and decreased commissions for buyer’s agents, can also have an impact on the discounts for teachers.

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