Heroes Home Advantage



What is Heroes Home Advantage?

Heroes Home Advantage is a program created to help American heroes save as much money as possible when they buy, sell and refinance a home. This is our way of “Paying it Forward”. Not only is it rewarding to thank our heroes but a great way to build our business and show the community we care.

Since 2013 thousands of Realtors, Loan Officers, Attorneys, and home service providers have used this program as a “niche” marketing program and have helped the heroes save a significant portion of their closing costs and in return the hero refers our partner frequently.

Our partners have assisted more than 8,000 heroes save more than $25,000,000.00. Can you imagine helping the heroes in your community and in return the referrals you will receive from your hero clients?


What is the cost to be listed on the website and to be able to use HHA marketing materials?

Heroes Home Advantage is the most cost-effective program in the nation.

• $650 Annually
• 30% Referral Fee

Loan Officers:
• $650 Annually
• Lending credit to hero – up to amount of appraisal fee

• $650 Annually
• Reduction in overall fees – up to $250 per closing

We wanted to make this the most cost-effective hero reward program in the US, and we have accomplished that for you.

Home Inspectors, Roofers, Landscapers, Pest control and other home service providers: $149.00 annually with no additional monthly fees.


• Front page Directory listing with your photo and contact information
• Weekly Lead Generating Social Media posts
• Link to Launch Printing to order marketing materials
• 6 Steps to Success Boot Camp Manual
• Soldier on the Move Veteran Specialist Course
• Be a part of our non-profit efforts with National Veteran Resources.

This is how you are listed on the website: https://www.heroeshomeadvantage.com/service-area/


Will I get leads?

We are not a lead generation system but a “cause marketing” program. We provide you the tools you need to be successful and in turn believe you will generate more business from our program. With that said, we do have hero registrations daily and if
they are in your area; we will send them to you with no additional referral fees.


What are the benefits to the heroes?

We ask the Realtor to give 30% of their commission to the Program, the Lender up to $500 credit, Title Companies and Attorneys a discount on their fees and the other vendors we call “Caring Community”, a discount of a suggested 10% or more so the hero will save a great deal of money if all services are used. With the hero getting approximately $750 per $100K of the purchase/sale price, as well as the other partner credits, it is the highest rebate program in the country! If the Realtor commission is less than 3%, the rebate to the Hero will be reduced at the same percentage the commission is reduced.


How am I listed on the Directory?

You will be listed on the Areas Served page, both on the map and on the Directory beside it. We use the address and contact information you provide for the website. No other company lists the partners on their website, which adds significant value to our Partners!


What hero categories benefit from the program?

ALL Active duty, Retired and Volunteer:
Law Enforcement
Fire Fighters
First Responders
Health Care Professionals

The program can be promoted in Schools, Hospitals, Veteran Organizations, all hero departments (with the proper approval from the department involved).


How does the Realtor pay the credit?

Realtor partners agree that the HERO will be given up to $750 per $100,000 of the purchase/sale price (or company commission if Broker participates) at closing, by way of credit through escrow or seller commission. Please check your state laws. If you are giving a credit at closing it must be disclosed on the closing statement. Please make sure your title companies or loan officers are aware of the credit well before closing. Usually, the credit is disclosed on the “commissions line” on the CD. The remaining referral fee will be mailed to Heroes Home Advantage, LLC. Realtor partner understands that there may be some instances that the full rebate may not be possible based on restrictions with the specific loan program. Most loan programs require all contributions to be reflected on the closing disclosure if given as a credit. Additionally, if the Realtor commission is less than 3%, the rebate to the Hero will be reduced at the same percentage the commission is reduced. Partners are expected to submit a sales transmittal on every HERO transaction in order for company to track company HERO savings.


How does the Lender give a credit?

Lender partners will discount or credit the HERO up to $500 as permitted by the loan program for which HERO has made application. Most lenders can give a credit or waive appraisal fees. Regardless of how the credit is given, the lender is not allowed to increase fees to cover the credit. It is a true savings to the hero.


What is the Core Team?

The Realtor/Lender/Attorney/Title Company is encouraged to introduce HHA to a Lender/Realtor/Attorney/Title Company they currently work with so that the team can join together to provide the maximum savings to the hero. We feel that the Realtor, Lenders and Attorneys/Title companies already have a relationship and see the value of working with their choice. If Realtor/Lender/Attorney/Title Company is unable to refer current referral partners to participate, HHA can locate and match up others to the team. The core team leaders are the Realtor, Lender and Title Company/Attorney and each agrees to pay the annual fee that they select.The Caring Community partners (Home Inspectors, Home Insurance, Contractors, Pest Control, Financial Planners, Landscapers, Movers, etc.), agrees to a discount of their choice and agrees to pay the annual fee.


Can I buy a domain name for my State or City with Heroes Home Advantage™ name in it?

Answer: No. You may not buy a domain name for example: heroeshomeadvantagenj.com or heroeshomeadvantagetampa.com. We are protected by our copyrights and trademarks.


What area can I market the program?

We allow you the freedom to market the program in the one state you are licensed.
If you are a Broker interested in securing the program for your office, we will schedule a call to discuss your options.


I am on a team and would like all of us to participate. Do we all individually all have to pay for the license?

Yes, anyone interested in marketing the program, (those using our logos and intellectual property) are required to pay for the license. We do give discounts and offer a free license for every 3rd team member. For example, 2 team members would total $1300.00 and with a team of 3 the total would be $1300.00.


Will I able to renew my license year after year?

Yes, we have many partners that have been with us for 10 years. You will be notified 30 days upon your expiration and your card will simply be set to auto-renew annually unless you choose to cancel your license.

If you have any further questions, please call David Cain at 803 261 9267.
Once you are ready to join, please fill out the credit card authorization and return to: support@heroeshomeadvantage.com