Heroes Home Advantage

Tonja Masina

Heroes Home Advantage thanks Tonja Masina of Paradise Real Estate in Salt Lake & Davis Counties, UT for renewing her commitment to give back to Heroes! Call (801) 215-9550!

“I have a very strong admiration for the men and women of our country who serve in the military and our important public services. Thank you to our military, police force, firefighters, first responders, teachers, and medical staff! Many of my close friends and family members serve in these capacities and I have been blessed to see firsthand the dedication they have for their community and their country. My hope is that they always know their dedication and service does not go unnoticed. What amazing heroes they truly are! I am grateful every day for the opportunity of being a Heroes Home Advantage partner and to be able to work closely with such dedicated individuals. I appreciate all their many efforts to ensure our safety and protect our quality of life. I am grateful to be part of a program that gives back so our heroes receive the advice, service, and savings they deserve by working with industry professionals dedicated to helping them achieve homeownership. Heroes, thank you for all you do!” – Tonja Masina

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