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Tony Reid

Heroes Home Advantage welcomes Tony Reid of Barnhart Gremel Marsh Agency in Livingston County, MI! Call (810) 220-7800!

“Our communities are full of everyday heroes. These individuals are neighbors, friends and ordinary looking people who do extraordinary things. Seeing them in and out of uniform, putting themselves at risk every day to keep Americans from slipping toward despair, tragedy, or violence. They guide people away from hopelessness and toward productive lives. Society collapses without these people. Yet we rarely give them the respect and honor they deserve. Daily they put themselves in the front lines of many dangerous and tragic situations, never asking who the person is they are assisting, nor do they inquire about what they do for a living, or care about those futile characteristics. They fight for our freedom, protect our streets, care for the sick, educate our children, and respond to those in need. These amazing individuals never know if they will be injured, or even return home to see their families and loved ones. I can never repay those who serve so that I might live with a fearless and free life. Giving back is the least I can do. It’s a privilege to be a part of a program that recognizes and values these individuals. My commitment is to provide the best product and service exceeding their expectation so they may experience the peace of mind I experience every day.” – Tony Reid

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